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Never Loose Perspective in Life

Never Loose Perspective in Life

beach bums

Mistaya and I running in the Pacific Ocean.

Perception: You are not set. You are evolving.

The human mind is never set. You are nothing less or more than a work in progress. Perspective is everything. Recent research by Carol Dweck points to benefits of believing you are not a master in anything. If one believes that one is gifted with intelligence and presents oneself as someone of superior…

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Wake Me When It’s Tuesday

Wake Me When It’s Tuesday


Wake Me When It’s Tuesday… It’s a dog-day Monday Morning for Pablo.

Pip wrapped Pablo up in one of her doll blankets while he was resting. He looked so forlorn that we had to take a picture.

I can sympathize with him today, this Monday morning smacked me around a bit too harshly!

A sleepless night due to allergies and then my 2 websites experienced a bombardment of brutal attacks this morning and…

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September Summer in the Okanagan

September Summer in the Okanagan


Me, Nem, Miranda


Sunshine Tabs

September has arrived but it still feels like summer holidays in the Okanagan for better (beach) or worse (teacher strike-no school for my kids).

These photos were taken this past weekend. My sister, nieces, 2 of my daughters and I soaked up all the Okanagan sunshine we could. It was a blissful late afternoon that I never wanted to end.

Put me on a beach, with blue…

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Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Slice

Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Slice

These might be the holy grail of treats. They are creamy, dreamy melt-in-your-mouth perfection!


Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Slice

Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Slices are so delicious one cannot get enough yet it is high enough in protein and fat and low enough in sugar that it is (in my opinion) one of the healthiest and most heavenly treats ever invented! I invented these after a little…

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Back To School BC Style

The BC teacher’s strike has gone on too long. Our children are not being educated. There is no turning back.

Back To School BC Style

The BC teacher’s strike has gone on too long. Our children are not being educated. There is no turning back.

Disney Club Penguin Play-testers

Disney Club Penguin Play-testers


We all thought the water running over this visual was between two class panels. Wrong! The water flows freely over the Disney logo. Artemis had a soaking wet braid to prove it.

My youngest daughter and her cousin are registered as official Disney Club Penguin play-testers. That means, they are occasionally summoned to Disney Club Penguin studios to test new video and online games.


Enjoying the…

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Little Sister: Generation Z Is Watching

Little Sister: Generation Z Is Watching

Generation Z

Little Sister/Generation Z is watching you…

Generation Z

May I introduce you to Generation Z:

“Gen Z are loosely defined as those born after 1995 and who are now 18 and under. It’s a big group: two billion worldwide, and one-quarter of the North American population.” They are said to be, “…a stellar generation: educated, industrious, collaborative and eager to build a better planet.” ( Anne…

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Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Children

Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Children

Sketchy Lemonade Anyone?

All kids eventually want to try and dabble in the art of making money. A lemonade stand with sketchy lemonade eventually materializes on a curb near you and the kids behind the stand are yours.

Sometimes, their business ventures are bigger, bolder and so much for work for the parents…

For some reason, whenever my daughter Pippi gets together with her cousin Artemis, their…

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An Okanagan Forest in August

An Okanagan Forest in August


Doe a Deer, a Female Deer…

I walk my dogs through the forest behind our house every morning. The earlier the better—I don’t like to meet other dogs. I’ve been surrounded and attacked by group of four dogs last spring, Pablo and Fernando surrounded me and protected us all. Also, Pablo is over protective in general and if Fernando lunges at another dog in playful curiosity, Pablo takes it as his…

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