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Mommy, Am I Pretty? Book Review

Mommy, Am I Pretty? Book Review

Pip and Mom reading together.

Pip and Mom reading together.

I’m always excited to check out a new book when the author and/or artist shares my interest in promoting gender equality. Mommy, Am I Pretty? is a new Canadian picture book by Margot Denommé. It’s illustrated by her young daughters Madison and Brook Denommé-Warren. Mommy, Am I Pretty?is a delightful book that celebrates the pretty qualities inside every child that…

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Okanagan Lake, Thanksgiving, 2014. Photo by Tabs

Okanagan Lake (Paul’s Tomb), Thanksgiving, 2014.
Photo by Tabs

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my sister, daughter and niece (not filmed) spent a few of our afternoons in Okanagan Lake.

The thing I love about Canadians is that we are tough mothers. Cold water never frightens a Canadian.
Last year, when I was in Cuba, snorkelling in a freshwater, underground river, our driver told me…

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Important Letter to David Bowie

Important Letter to David Bowie


Pippi as David Bowie and Artemis as Buddha

Bowie philia seems to be my genes. I have had an artist crush on the guy since I was a young teen and so do all of my daughters. I admit, his Let’s Dance album is one of my favourites.

In an odd twist, fiction became fact in my family. I wrote a novel and the protagonist is a teenage girl who is a huge Bowie fan—knows all his songs, albums and movies by…

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Best Selfie Ever

Best Selfie Ever! My daughter Tabs took this selfie in the Oso Peninsula Jungle of Costa Rica in May, 2014.

Best Selfie Ever

Best Selfie Ever! My daughter Tabs took this selfie in the Oso Peninsula Jungle of Costa Rica in May, 2014.

Apple Pie Contest & Harry Potter Fashion Week

Apple Pie Contest & Harry Potter Fashion Week

IMG_0199This past weekend I was called out by a local radio for being a 40-something Harry Potter fashion geek (my words). I was strutting about to and from the Art Gallery, passing by an on location radio booth delivering an apple pie to the Kelowna Art Gallery’s apple pie contest. The Okanagan is famous for our fruit orchards, especially our apples. My daughter Tabs entered the competition as she is an…

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The End of Earth Generation: Finding Hope When Hope Seems Delusional

The End of Earth Generation: Finding Hope When Hope Seems Delusional


Mix Hart-Harbour Seal, Pacific Ocean near Victoria, BC

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world—E. B. White IMG_7040.JPG - Version 2

Mix Hart-Honey Bee, Kelowna, BC

I long to relate to the above quote by E.B. White. I understand her desires yet they do not exist in my world. I long to enjoy the world too yet the desire to improve the world is squashed under the…

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Never Loose Perspective in Life

Never Loose Perspective in Life

beach bums

Mistaya and I running in the Pacific Ocean.

Perception: You are not set. You are evolving.

The human mind is never set. You are nothing less or more than a work in progress. Perspective is everything. Recent research by Carol Dweck points to benefits of believing you are not a master in anything. If one believes that one is gifted with intelligence and presents oneself as someone of superior…

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Wake Me When It’s Tuesday

Wake Me When It’s Tuesday


Wake Me When It’s Tuesday… It’s a dog-day Monday Morning for Pablo.

Pip wrapped Pablo up in one of her doll blankets while he was resting. He looked so forlorn that we had to take a picture.

I can sympathize with him today, this Monday morning smacked me around a bit too harshly!

A sleepless night due to allergies and then my 2 websites experienced a bombardment of brutal attacks this morning and…

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September Summer in the Okanagan

September Summer in the Okanagan


Me, Nem, Miranda


Sunshine Tabs

September has arrived but it still feels like summer holidays in the Okanagan for better (beach) or worse (teacher strike-no school for my kids).

These photos were taken this past weekend. My sister, nieces, 2 of my daughters and I soaked up all the Okanagan sunshine we could. It was a blissful late afternoon that I never wanted to end.

Put me on a beach, with blue…

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